Your club is always in your client’s smartphone

The application is an effective business tool that will allow the club
to solve several tasks:
• Increase attendance
• Reduce the load on the reception and sales department
• Increase the consumption of additional services
• Reduce the cost of production of club cards
• Significantly reduce the cost of newsletters due to free push notifications
• Have objective assessments of the club and staff
• To give the opportunity to “splash out” the negative emotions of the client in the application,
and not in social networks

All customer services on
single screen

Management of memberships, deposits, the history of visits, unpaid bills, club news. Ability to suspend memberships. Lowering the load on the reception of the club, as customers can independently receive information and manage their services.

Customers do not need to carry their cards

A virtual card in a mobile application. A four-digit unique code is valid for two minutes and allows you to authorize a customer to enter the club or to confirm financial transactions with a deposit account.

For network clubs

Customers can schedule their visits, considering the current clubs load and time required to arrive the club calculated from the current location.

Reservation on individual classes

Clients can independently register for training, choosing a club, time and coach. Ability to pay for a class with a membership or deposit. Training is automatically recorded in the mobile phone calendar with a reminder of training.

Reservation on group classes

Clients can self-enroll in group sessions. Ability to pay with a membership or deposit. The class is automatically added in the mobile phone calendar with a reminder.

Ability to reserve courts, football fields

Do you have such areas in your club? Let your clients reserve a place by themselves.


Allow to have a free channel for sending messages to customers. Automatically configurable notifications upon changes in the balance of the deposit, a reminder when the membership isterminated, an assessment offer of the visit of the club and the coach that conducted a class. This is a powerful tool to stimulate visits!

Evaluation of visiting the club

You can set up the criteria for which you ask to evaluate the club. In the analytics, see the ratings statistics.

Evaluation of coach

After the individual class program will ask to evaluate the coach. You can analyze the rating of trainers in analytics.

How to use the application?

If you are a user of LuckyFit software

The application can be found on App Store and Google Play under the name LuckyFit. It is free for fitness clubs, but for club’s clients – $1.99

Before you start using the application you need to give permission for mobile application in back-office module of the program «Mobile application» and then fill out the information about your club. Service LuckyFit will automatically send your clients an advert with information about application.

If you are Solaris Fusion user

For Solaris Fusion customers, we only offer the option of a branded application. In order to use a mobile application, you need to install a web-service that provides a link between the database and mobile application.

Branded application of your club

You can have your own club application in app stores without spending a lot of money to develop it. Branding includes the release of an application with the name of your club, an individual icon and a screensaver application.

These clubs already use branded application LuckyFit