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Monthly Pricing
€15per month
€45per month
€95per month
€250per month
Annual Pricing

Price includes

Unlimited number of users and devices
Number of clients with valid memberships
up to 100
up to 500
up to 2 000
Unlimited number of potential or former clients
Data transfer from previous software
Stuff coaching
2 hours
4 hours
6 hours
12 hours
Technical Support

Client’s profile
History of memberships
Purchase History
Duplicates management
Deposit bonus accounts
Client’s dossier
Files related to the client

Registration of visits
Intelligent lockers assignment
Function «Favourite locker»
Long term locker rental
Membership suspension
Personal classes enrollment
Group classes enrollment
Reservation of objects

Unlimited number of goods
Unlimited number of stores
Documents of income, transfer or write-offs
Settlements with suppliers

Memberships – club membership
Services packs (classes)
Trial memberships
Memberships settlements schedule
Net memberships

Classes management
Maximum capacity control
Commercial and free classes
Sign up through website widget or mobile app

Classes management
Single and Split classes
Sign up through website widget or mobile app

Objects reservation tab (courts, fields, rooms)
Simultaneous reservations of object and coach
Reservation of objects through website widget or mobile app

Roles in the system
Timetable and shifts management
Salary calculation
Mobile app for employees

Customizable payment methods
Cash management in the form of payment types
Expenses accounting by items
Customizable form of billing

Discount system
Bonus system
Special offers
Promotional codes

Numerous reports
Transparent graphs

email distributions
sms distributions
push distributions
automated events distributions

Online Forms to collect leads from website and social networks
Lead management
Sales funnel for potential customers
Automated tasks generator aimed on holding the client
Telephony integration

Mobile app for clients
Branded mobile app for your club
Mobile app for members of staff

Card readers
Barcodes readers
Check printers
Cash registers
Turnstiles and electronic locks

API for integration with any kind of system
Integration with 1C
Integration with Zadarma telephony
Integration with mailing service MailChimp
Integration with Google Maps
Integration with Milon Care
Integration with ClubPlanner