Increase the loyalty of your clients and raise an income as a result

Everything starts with leads

The ability to create registration forms for leads on the website or social media. When the lead fills out the form, collected data is immediately shows up to the CRM-system. The confirmed lead is transferred to potential clients

Sales funnel

There is a transfer of potential customers between the stages of the sales funnel (initial contact, club presentation, offer made, reserved for a trial visit …) As a result, a graphical representation of the sales funnel

Plan of calls

You can create a calendar of calls for different categories of customers. After all the CRM will automatically create tasks for calls for managers

Conversations scripts

Create scripts for typical conversations with clients and thus define a common style of communication for your managers

Event Tracking

You can customize events that will have an impact on tasks creation for managers and assign conversation scripts to them. For example, the absence of customer visits for more than 14 days, termination of customer’s membership, termination of the medical certificate

Tasks calendar

Allows you to see which tasks must be done today. Every task has a history of interaction and current status

Tasks reminders

In case of using mobile application for co-workers, all tasks are under your fingertips giving you an advantage to change the status or leave a comment while on the go.

Integration with telephony

Allows you to initiate calls directly from a task or customer’s profile. Incoming calls are automatically redirected to account manager. Every call is being recorded with a chance to pick one and listen