Access control

Provide an automatic access control for clients and co-workers

Differentiation of club zones

You can split zones of the club and set automatic monitoring of passes of customers and employees

Additional control

When entering the pool area, access control rules can check the age of the client, the availability of a medical certificate

Additional monetization

When entering certain zones the cost of staying in the zone can be written off from the customer’s deposit account or an invoice for payment can be created when leaving to the reception desk

Support for any turnstiles

We supply controllers with which you can control turnstiles and electronic doors.

Parking support

Clubs with their own parking can provide automatic control for passing members of the club with a limit of free minutes. Tariffing of minutes over a free limit will ensure that the amount is debited from the deposit account or an invoice is created for payment at the reception desk

Automatic reservation on group lessons

Access control for group classes halls will be able to automatically reserve clients on classes